Benefits of SNSDSL


Benefits of SNSdsl

SNSdsl offers a full array of cost-effective Medical Transcription Services as per AAMT & HIPAA guidelines with high accuracy, fast turnaround at most competitive prices. We have an infrastructure to handle 50,000 lines per day. Whether you are looking to outsource your dictations or switching your transcription agency, you will find that we have got complete solutions for you. SNSdsl is a fast growing, state-of-the art medical Transcription Company, targeting 100000 lines per day. We offer all types of high-quality transcription services for medical practices in US

The overall benefits of SNSdsl are:
  • Highest report quality
  • Faster report turnaround
  • Digital dictation
  • 24 X 7 Support
  • At SNSdsl’s state of the art medical transcription facility; we constantly re-engineer the dictation/transcription process in order to take full advantage of the latest advances in computers, networking and digital technology. Combining these technologies with competent transcription skills allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to meet your transcription needs. We offer clients a set of core competencies, which are invaluable to the health information management professionals as well as other professionals who must dictate a steady stream of reports and correspondence