CAP Features



1. How is CAP different from normal Medical Transcription Training?

All SNS CAP students are required to take a foundation curriculum that will expose them to client dictation sound files and acute care and clinical care practice transcription. It will also include exposure to the SNS Transcription platform during the training period

2. How do I qualify to admittance to CAP?

All persons who are interested in Medical Transcription will go through a selection process, which is competitive, and based on good listening skills in English and soft skills

3. How do I become a CAP student and enroll in a training program?

To enroll in the CAP log on to or contact the HR department @ 0422-26665191, 2666701, and you will be called for an on-campus selection test.

4. How long will CAP take to complete?

The normal period is six months

5. Can the CAP be spread over to cover a year?

No. Alternatively you could enroll for the Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Transcription which is a one year course

6. Does SNSdsl offer any pay during the training period?

No. During the training period, the students will be exposed to transcription files specially designed for training purposes. These are not revenue producing files. The CAP intensive Medical Transcription Training program gives the student the opportunity of a seamless transition into productive employment with SNSdsl once the training has been successfully completed.

7. What are the advantages of the CAP?

Individuals accepted into the CAP will be provided job guarentee to work with SNSdsl on successfully meeting the stipulated entry level standards.

8. How does SNSdsl hiring process work?

SNSdsl has a continuous need for qualified Medical Transcriptionists and the hiring of individuals for the CAP is an ongoing process. SNSdsl makes a special effort in training individuals by assigning them select group of accounts that allow them the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the production environment in a maximally productive way

9. Does SNSdsl offer a well defined career path for its MT?

Yes. SNSdsl assigns its employees to levels based on the difficulty of accounts they are able to handle. There is a pay differential between levels and an opportunity for Transcriptionists to advance to new levels. Employees have the option of moving into managerial positions, based on their skill sets and aptitude, in a very short time