Medical Transcription for Hospitals

SNSdsl offers the single-source medical transcription outsourcing solution for hospitals that gives you total control over the entire medical transcription process. Our advanced, web-based platform lets you easily manage the entire medical transcription lifecycle - automating everything from dictation capture, routing, and transcription, to returning documents to multiple print destinations, and back to the customers' repository EMR.
Outsourcing medical transcription is easy and secure through our password-protected process. Authorized personnel can log-on to a user-friendly interface and search, view, edit, print, sign, fax, and forward medical transcription reports.

Advantages of our Technology:

  • Fully integrated dictation capture, medical transcription, and web-based document management - allowing you to transparently monitor, track, and manage the entire medical transcription process
  • No IT investment required. Our technology platform integrates seamlessly with your existing Health Information Management system (HIM)
  • Outsource your entire medical transcription process or just the overflow. We structure your solution to fit your needs
  • Fully secure, HIPAA-compliant.