SNS Benefits
SNS Benefits

Our Rates

Our pricing is based on printable characters (including space). We count the number of printable characters, divide by 65 (characters per line) and multiply by our rates per line. Billing Rate is very competitive.

Top ten reasons to enlist SNS DSL for Medical Transcription Services
  1. Easy maintenance of health documents
  2. Documentation of patient records electronically
  3. Quick execution and preparation of health records in prescribed TAT (Turn Around Time) schedules
  4. Saving time and money by allowing SNS DSL to manage the Trancription thereby saving on personnel, space and resources
  5. Accessibility at all times to patient reports/records
  6. Confidentiality at all times ie strict adherence to HIPAA rules
  7. Access to qualified Medical Transcriptionsts specialized in a variety of specialties
  8. Peace of mind in knowing that your focus will be on your health care and not tracking down your transcription
  9. Adopting the user-friendly Dictaphone machine, thereby enabling dictations at your convenience and time, irrespective of place
  10. Very competitive rate/ line formula, to enhance high productivity at low costs